[Answered] NR-535 Entire Course -100% Correct


NR 535 Theoretical Foundations & Instructional Strategies For The Nurse Educator

NR 535 Week 1 Discussion: Collaboration Café: Role of the Nurse Educator 

NR-535 Week 1 Discussion: Nursing Education Goals + Responses 

NR-535 Week 1: Self-Reflection NLN Competencies.. Outcomes 

NR 535 Week 2 Assignment: Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

NR 535 Week 2 Discussion: Developing an Educational Philosophy 

NR-535 Week 2 Discussion: Paradigm Shift

NR 535 Week 3: Cultural Competence Versus Humility 

NR-535 Week 3 Discussion: Teaching in a Didactic Environment 

NR 535 Week 5 Discussion: Teaching in a Skills Laboratory Environment 

NR 535 Week 6 Assignment: Develop an Evolving Case Study 

NR-535 Week 6 Discussion: Teaching with Technology 

NR 535 Week 6 Discussion: Ethical Rights of Students 

NR-535 Week 7 Case Study: Academic Integrity – Part I 

NR-535 Week 7 Case Study: Academic Integrity – Part II

NR 535 Week 8 Student s Template: Self-Reflection NLN Competencies and Course Outcomes. 

NR-535 Week 8 Discussion: The course is completed 

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