[Answered] NR 535 Week 2 Discussion: Developing an Educational Philosophy


NR 535 Theoretical Foundations & Instructional Strategies For The Nurse Educator


As you start the Education Track, NR 535 is the first course to assist in your transition to the role and responsibilities of a nurse educator. As you begin this important course, it is useful to pause and consider your philosophy concerning teaching and learning as well as the roles of the educator and learner. Don’t be fearful about developing one’s philosophy. One way to explain the word philosophy is to see it as a search for general understanding. For the career of the nurse educator, this means to search for understanding about teaching and learning so that your developing knowledge, skill, and attitude can be applied to providing an environment that fosters learning by individuals.

Please know that active participation in this week’s conversation will assist you in the development of the Week 2 assignment. It would also be helpful to review the Week 2 assignment guidelines and rubric. The textbook provides the start of information regarding several educational theories. For this Collaboration Café, consider and provide a response to each of the following questions.

  • What do I believe about teaching-learning?
  • What do I believe that my role as a nurse educator is?
  • What do I believe that the role of the learner is?
  • Which educational theory supports my thoughts about teaching-learning?


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