[Answered] NR-535 Week 1: Self-Reflection NLN Competencies.. Outcomes


NR 535 Theoretical Foundations & Instructional Strategies For The Nurse Educator


The Self-reflection of NLN Core Competencies and NR 535 Course Outcomes is a two-part assignment that is completed during Weeks One and Eight of the course. During Week One, it provides the learner with the opportunity to compare current knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding nursing education to NLN Competencies. In addition, the learner can identify learning goals and actions that will assist in satisfactory achievement of course outcomes. During Week Eight, the repeated self- reflection will consider improvement in demonstrating NLN Competencies and if learning goals were demonstrated.


Upon completion of this assignment, the student will be able to:

  • CO 1: Incorporate education theories and models in developing the master’s- prepared nurse educator role essential to performing as educators and advocates of holistic, safe, and quality care (PO 1).
  • CO 2: Explore instructional strategies reflective of educational theory and evidence-based practice to support person centered care (PO 5).
  • CO 3: Examine unique learning styles and needs of culturally diverse learners to foster acquisition of knowledge and skill (POs 1, 3).
  • CO 4: Explore a variety of instructional strategies appropriate to content, setting, learners’ needs, and desired outcomes (PO 3, 4).
  • CO 5: Examine professional ethical legal values in the role of the nurse educator (PO 4).


Week 1

The assignment is to be submitted for grading by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday of Week 1 (possible points = 50).
  • You are to ponder upon and complete a self-reflection of the sub-competencies during Week 1 of the course. You are to identify your level of competency (using the scale below) for each of the sub-competencies listed on the
  • The course outcomes for NR 535 are aligned with the NLN Nurse Educator Core Competencies. The Course Outcomes are not specific to the individual competency or sub competencies however by meeting the course outcomes, you will be able to increase your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the Core As a learner in NR 535, you are responsible for demonstrating each of the course outcomes. To help you to be successful, you are to identify a goal of that identifies the action (s) you will demonstrate throughout this course in order achieve each course outcome. The goal needs to be specific and to the course outcome and measurable.

Rating Scale: Please rate yourself based on your knowledge and experience as a NURSE EDUCATOR. If you have never been in the role of a Nurse Educator, then the most you should rate yourself is a 1.

Select the number that best represents your confidence that you meet each sub competency at this point in your education career.

  • 1 = I have no experience or education as a nurse I am not confident at all that I meet this competency; I need significant education and practice in this area.
  • 2 = I have minimal experience and/or education as a nurse I am somewhat confident that I meet this competency but will need additional education and practice in this area before accepting a position as a nurse educator.
  • 3 = I am a beginning nurse educator with less than 2 years of experience. I am confident that I meet this competency however I will need additional education and mentoring in this….
  • 4 = I have some experience (2-3 years) as a nurse educator and am confident that I meet this competency but will still need additional education and practice to become proficient in this area.
  • 5= I am an experience nurse educator and am very confident that I meet this competency and do not need additional education or practice in this area except for traditional continuing education to update my

Remember you are still in the development stage so not all (or any) of the competencies are expected to be at level 5 by the end of this course


Part A: Self-Reflection on NLN Educator Competencies

NLN Competency I: Facilitate Learning:

Nurse educators are responsible for creating an environment in classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings that facilitates student learning and the achievement of desired cognitive,

affective, and psychomotor outcomes.

Week OneWeek Eight
NLN Sub-competencyRating of Confidenc

e Level

Rating of Confidence


a.  Implements a variety of teaching strategies appropriate

to learner needs, desired learner outcomes, content, and context

b.  Grounds teaching strategies in educational theory and

evidence-based teaching practices

c.     Recognizes multicultural, gender, and experiential

influences on teaching and learning

c. Engages in self-reflection and continued learning to improve teaching practices that

facilitate learning

e.     Uses information technologies skillfully to support

the teaching-learning process

f.      Practices skilled oral, written, and electronic communication that reflects an

awareness of self and others, along with an ability to

convey ideas in a variety of contexts

g.     Models critical and reflective thinking1
h.     Creates opportunities for learners to develop their

critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills.

i.      Shows enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and nursing

that inspires and motivates students

j.      Demonstrates interest in and respect for learners1
k.     Uses personal attributes (e.g., caring, confidence, patience, integrity, and flexibility) that

facilitate learning


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