[Answered] NR 535 Week 6 Discussion: Ethical Rights of Students


NR 535 Theoretical Foundations & Instructional Strategies For The Nurse Educator


You have some concerns about one of the students in your class. You have a good friend who is a faculty member in the English Department, and you ask him to come to your private office to talk about the student. About 10 minutes into the conversation, you turn toward the door and see the specific student standing in your office doorway. Obviously, she has been listening to the conversation for a while. Have any legal or ethical rights of the student been breached? What would you do next?


As we learned in this week’s lesson students have the right to privacy as it relates to their information and educational record. Based on the information provided at first I was on the fence, because I thought that if no detailed information was provided specifically about the student and the information that was shared was presented in a matter of generalization on how to handle a situation with no names and specifics, I was leaning to say no, nothing had been breached. …please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5