BUSN115N – Entire Coursework – 100% Correct


BUSN 115 Introduction To Business And Technology

BUSN115N: Discussions Week 1 Discussion: Not-for-Profit Organizations

BUSN115N: Week 1 Discussion: Role of Government in Business 

BUSN115N Week 2 Assignment: Trade Agreements and the Healthcare Industry

BUSN115N: Week 2 Discussion: Global Trade and Quality of Life 

BUSN115N Week 3 Discussion: Entrepreneurship 

BUSN115N: Week 3 Discussion Forms of Business Ownership 

BUSN115N Week 4 Assignment: Ethics in Business

BUSN115N: Week 4 Discussion: Code of Ethics 

BUSN115N: Week 5 Discussion: Leadership Styles

BUSN115N Week 5 Discussion: The Role of Management

BUSN115N: Week 6 Assignment: Motivational Strategies

BUSN115N: Week 6 Discussion: Theories of Motivation 

BUSN115N: Week 7 Discussion: Marketing your business 

BUSN115N: Week 7 Assignment: Evaluating the Marketing Mix 

BUSN115N: Week 8 Discussion: Balance Sheets


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