[Answered] Week 6 Assignment: Motivational Strategies -BUSN115N


BUSN 115 Introduction To Business And Technology


Issues with morale at the workplace are common in many industries. Often, these problems can be overcome by managers employing a specific motivational strategy to help improve morale.

Find an example of a workplace suffering from motivational issues (either a personal example or a case study that you research). Determine the best motivational strategy to apply to the problem. The paper should be written in essay form but should answer at minimum the following questions.

  1. What is the specific problem affecting workplace morale?
  2. What specific motivational strategy can be used to solve the problem?
  3. Why is this the best motivational strategy to use in this situation?


In the workplace, motivation is defined as a person’s desire to exert and maintain an effort in order to achieve the goals of the organization. Motivation has been linked to job satisfaction, which helps with employee retention. Health care workers’ motivation enables the health system to run properly. Inappropriately motivated hospitals have a negative impact on the individual health system as well. An investigation was conducted by researchers from the worldwide journal of nursing and clinical approaches. The purpose of the study is to identify the actual problem affecting organizational productivity, the precise motivating technique, and the reasons why that approach is the most effective in that circumstance.……….please follow the link below to purchase the solution at $10