PSYC315N – Social Psychology – (Week 1 – 8) – 100% Correct

PSYC315N-Week 1 Introductory Discussion 

PSYC315N -Week 1 Discussion: Research Design in Social Psychology 

PSYC315N – Week 3 Discussion: A Picture of Perception

PSYC315N- Week 4 Discussion: Obedience 

PSYC315N- Week 4 Assignment: Groups 

PSYC315N -Week 5 Discussion: Steretoypes and Self-Esteem 

PSYC315N -Week 5 Assignment: Stereotypes and How They Hinder Health Care 

PSYC315N- Week 6 Discussion: Attraction 

PSYC315N- Week 6 Assignment: Love and Marriage 

PSYC315N -Week 7 Discussion: Self-Control and Aggression 

PSYC315N -Week 7 Assignment: Are Video Games a Bad Idea? You Decide.

PSYC315N- Week 8 Discussion: Who Do We Help? 

PSYC315N -Week 8 Assignment: Final Project Presentation 

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