(Solution) PSYC 290N Week 6 Graded Discussion Topic 1 & 2

Discussion Topic 1  

What do you see as the major occupational & lifestyle issue(s) people in young & middle adulthood confront today? Explain one of the reasons for these major issues.

The current period is far more troublesome and expert than the one before it. Those who want to accomplish their goals and achieve their aspirations must work hard. Unemployment, racial discrimination, poor salaries, the need of internships and extensive management trainee programs……..

Discussion Topic 2  

Middle adulthood marks the time period in which some adults face the fabled midlife crisis. What exactly is that? Do you think you will go through one, or did you have one? Can it be avoided? This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

The fabled “midlife crisis” occurs when a person reaches the point in their life when the fear of becoming old becomes overwhelming. At this point, a person worries that they are becoming old too quickly and looks to emulate the behaviors and fashions of the young to appease their guilt. I’m quite sure that’s where my tendencies lie.……….

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