(Solution) PSYC 290N Week 4: Section 3-Adolescence: 15 to 18 years

PSYC 290N Week 4 Course Project I: My Virtual Life – Raise A Child: Section 3-Adolescence: 15 to 18 years


  1. Describe any physical or behavioral signs of incipient

My child has recently shown an affinity towards people of the opposite sex, including peers and famous people. She’s been behaving in more traditionally feminine ways, such as showing increased interest in her appearance. What tells me this is true is that she enjoys playing around with makeup and is keenly interested in fashion. She also enjoys socializing with others and going on outings to locations like shopping centers and social events. Plus, she’s increasingly active on a social networking site that teens tend to like.

  1. How would you characterize your child at this point in terms of the under-controlled, over- controlled or resilient categories? Have there been any changes since the preschool period and why might they have occurred?

For the most part, my kid is just as tough as she always been. Thankfully, she has toned down her aggressive tendencies since she was a baby without losing any of her amiable demeanor. She has improved her ability to concentrate greatly and is still showing signs of academic curiosity. As she embarks on adventures with her pals, she develops in- terdependence. My daughter is a very responsible, cooperative, and polite child, and as a result, I do not feel the need to overprotect her or behave in an unproductive manner. I’ve seen several subtle changes in her character when she was in preschool, in addition to the obvious maturation of her body. My kid is starting to behave in stereotypically feminine ways, such as caring more about her beauty than she used to. This is probably the result of puberty and peer pressure. My daughter has taken after several of her classmates recently, including beginning to wear cosmetics and showing interest in guys..

  1. Using the 7th grade report card and your own observations, summarize your child’s academic skills at this point. What specific activities might promote some of these skills?…….please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $10