(Solution) PSYC 290N Week 4 Graded Discussion Topic 1 & 2

Discussion Topic 1   

We have learned about the large amount of physical and cognitive changes that occur during the first year of life. Adolescence is another time of profound physical and psychological change. Specifically, what are these changes, and what factors influence them? You may want to think back on your adolescence. How did you experience this change? How did your family and friends react to them? We will also discuss what the research tells us about the developmental changes of adolescence


Adolescence is the only period of human development that directly follows childhood, and it is also the period during which the most profound changes occur. Adolescence is the span of time between childhood and adulthood during……


Discussion Topic 2  

The stereotype of an adolescent is that of a rebellious youth, yet the text seems to feel that adolescence isn’t necessarily that way. It contends that the great majority of adolescents today are relatively happy and enjoy generally positive family relationships. Does that ring true for you? Were you happy? Do you enjoy positive family relationships? Is an adolescent rebellion avoidable?


Even though our family relationships went through some ups and downs that I didn’t always comprehend at the time, I still managed to have a pleasant upbringing overall………

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