(Solution) PSYC 290N Week 1 Graded Discussion Topic 2


A huge amount of research has been done about pregnancy and what pregnant women should and should not do to have a healthy baby. We know that many doctors and parents are concerned with the biological factors, as well as the environmental effects. Pick one of these …, and explain what considerations should be taken when making decisions on having a healthy baby.


Even selecting whether or not you are ready for a kid requires a lot of preparation and decision-making. Due to the extensive care they demand from others, babies are exceedingly labor-intensive and drain a lot of energy. They need us to provide care for them since they are unable to do it themselves. We are capable of doing this, but other aspects, such as biological variables, may be beyond our control. According to Nugent (2013), a biological factor is everything that a living creature possesses that is influencing the person’s “physical, physiological, chemical, neurological, or genetic status that creates a psychological consequence.” These elements may be transmitted from mother to child, caused by the mother’s health, or result from the incorrect development of particular elements. As adults, we may change things, have surgery, or take medications to either avoid or minimize many of these situations. This increases the infant’s likelihood of living a healthy life in which it can thrive…..…please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5