(Solution) PRAC 6531 Week 3 Assignment 2: Episodic Visit; HEENT Focused Note

Week 3 Assignment 2: Episodic Visit; HEENT Focused Note 

For this Assignment, you will work with a patient with a HEENT condition that you examined during the last three weeks, and complete an Episodic/Focused Note Template Form where you will gather patient information and relevant diagnostic and treatment information and reflect on health promotion and disease prevention


By Day 7 of Week 3

Submit your Episodic/Focused Note Assignment.

See the weekly Assignment 2 area for details



Patient Information

Initials: P.L.      Age: 28        Sex: male     Race: Asian


CC: “My left ear is painful, and it is producing discharge” He also complains of fever.

HPI: P.L. 28-year-old Asian male, presents in the clinic complaining of pain in his left ear, fever, and discharge. The patient states that the problem started after diving into the lake five days ago. The pain has been increasing and rated as 10/10 (Treviño González, Reyes Suárez & Hernández de León, 2021). The discharge is yellowish, and the left ear is warm. He reports trouble hearing, sleeping and low-grade fever. Despite the pain, the patient denies the use of medication to relieve the pain. P.L denies any past medical condition.…..please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $10