(Solution) NSG4076 Week 1 Project Aggregate Community Windshield Survey


NSG4076 CP02 RN to BSN Capstone Synthesis


There are two parts to the windshield survey assignment. In Week 1 you are required to submit a draft of your survey. In Week 2 you will submit your final windshield survey based on feedback from your instructor and your continued work.

In a Microsoft Word document of 3-4 pages formatted in APA style, you will describe the aggregate and community in which the aggregate is located. Please note that the title and reference pages should not be included in the total page count of your paper.

Describe the Aggregate

Begin the assignment by describing your aggregate. Include the following information:

  • Name of the aggregate
  • Geographical location and size
  • Population
  • A brief history
  • Basic vital statistics
  • Crude birth rate, infant mortality rate, life expectancy, leading causes of death, and any other relevant statistical information related to the health of the aggregate from the windshield survey.
  • Explain, giving at least two reasons, why you selected this particular aggregate for your Capstone project

Windshield Survey

With the use of public transportation or by driving a vehicle around the community, you can assess the common characteristics of the community of your selected aggregate.

Key observations to make during a windshield survey include the following:

  • Age and condition of the homes in the community
  • Location and condition of parks and other recreational areas
  • Amount of space between homes and businesses
  • Neighborhood hangouts
  • Transportation in the community
  • Quality of streets and sidewalks
  • Types/numbers of stores and other businesses
  • People out in the community
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Cleanliness of the community
  • Billboards or other media displays
  • Places of worship
  • Availability of services—doctor, dentist, social centers, recreation centers, hospitals


Health promotion simply means empowering a group of people to take control of their health. It encompasses health maintenance and disease prevention. That said, this paper discusses the selected aggregate for a health promotion education that seeks to promote the health of a community living in West Palm Beach. The paper also explores the windshield survey findings of West Palm Beach.

To start with, the selected aggregate for the health promotion project is three members of Bethleem SDA Church who are living with diabetes. Bethleem SDA Church is located in the city of West Palm Beach which is the county seat of Palm Beach County, Florida. The city lies immediately to the west of the adjacent Palm Beach. It covers a total area of 58.2 square miles out of which 55.1 square miles is land and the remaining 3.1 square miles is water …..please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $15