(Solution) NR537 Week 3 Assignment: Test Construction.. Blooms.. Taxonomy


NR 537 Assessment And Evaluation In Education

Week 3 Assignment: Test Construction Using Bloom s Revised Taxonomy


Week 3: Test Construction

This assignment is designed to provide the MSN student the opportunity to apply Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy in the development of a test blueprint as well as the construction of test questions. Using the provided information about a course, the MSN student will developed a test blueprint that reflects Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy at a minimum of 4 different cognitive levels including two higher levels. From this test blueprint, the MSN student will then develop multiple choice and alternative formatted test items.


Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

CO 1: Apply information related to assessment and evaluation in diverse healthcare and academic settings to foster learning. (PO 1)

CO 2: Incorporate caring, professional values and ethics in the application of assessment and evaluation processes to diverse learning activities. (PO 2, 4)

CO 3: Employ a spirit of inquiry and scholarship to foster professional development regarding the use of assessment and evaluation in diverse healthcare and academic settings. (PO 3, 4)

DUE DATE: Sunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of Week 3



Description of the Assignment

For this assignment, the MSN student will used the following course titled “Comfort Care of Adults” and the identified course outcomes.

Course Description: Comfort Care of Adults

Emphasis is on delivery of comfort care to adult clients experiencing acute alterations in health. Students will assess client needs, plan appropriate interventions based on evidence, implement interventions according to accepted standards of nursing care and evaluate effectiveness of care though an evidenced based nursing framework.

Course Objectives:

  1. Explains knowledge from the biological and behavioral sciences, and the liberal arts in order to plan nursing care of
  2. Applies knowledge of lifespan development, culture, and economic status to provide holistic care to clients with specific alterations in
  3. Utilizes the nursing process as a framework for decision making in caring for adult clients in acute care
  4. Appraises evidence based practices for incorporation in the plan of care of clients with alterations in

Based on the above information, develop a test blueprint for ONE module or unit in the above course. The module or unit can be on a specific disease or process (i.e. respiratory diseases, post-op patients, etc.). As the educator for this module/unit, you will need to select the level of the learner(s) as well as the practice setting. The practice setting can be in either the nurse professional development (i.e. mentoring program, continuing education) or traditional academic setting (i.e. senior level adult health course; junior level adult health course).

Criteria for Content

  • Description of content area for the module/unit: In this section, the MSN student identifies the content area to be the focus of the module/unit and the test. This section includes the following required elements:
    • Identify the overall content for the module or unit
    • Explains how the identified content is consistent with the course description
    • Identify four specific content areas to be used within the test blue print
    • Identify the level of the learner that will be completing the module/unit and the test
    • Explain the importance of the selected content area to the learner
  • Development of test blueprint: In this section, the MSN student will develop a test blueprint for module/unit. Please use the Test Blueprint Template located in Assignment area of the NR 537. The required sections are noted to be:
    • Identify the name of the module/unit that this test is being designed for
    • Identify the total points for the test
    • Identify the points for each test question
    • Identify the 4 (four) content areas to be placed in the Test Blueprint Template (See Assignment area for the template)
    • Allot testing points for each content area for the appropriate Comfort Care course outcome verb
    • Total points for each row and column within the required template
  • Development of multiple choice items: In this section, the MSN student will develop multiple choice test items consistent with the cognitive levels of the developed test blueprint. The require sections are noted to be:
    • Eight (8) multiple choice items are consistent with the test blueprint cognitive level
    • At least one multiple choice question is developed for EACH Comfort Care for Adults course outcome
    • Identify the cognitive level of the multiple choice item using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
    • Identify the Comfort Care for Adults course outcome and content area that the test item refers to……….


Test Construction using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

In this paper, we will examine the blueprint and test design for a patient with heart failure (HF). A test blueprint is a structured method of creating tests that uses the course content in conjunction with the expected results to provide an accurate assessment of the students’ mastery of the material (Eweda, et al., 2020). Educators might benefit from test plans because they guarantee that all course material will be equally covered and that weight will be given to all significant concepts (von Bergmann & Childs, 2017). As stated by Eweda et al. (2020), the purpose of test blueprints is to ensure that educators are held responsible……please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $10