(Solution) NR531 Week 6: Communication – SLMC


NR 531 Nursing Leadership In Healthcare Organizations



As the nurse administrator for SLMC, you must communicate to your team the disappointing news that your organization is discontinuing tuition reimbursement benefits. Discuss how you will communicate this message to your direct reports and to the rest of the organization. Be specific and state your rationale for your communication plan.


Employers and workers continue to struggle with effective communication. We often have trouble communicating bad news to one another because we are worried about how others may respond. Tuition reimbursement is a benefit that many of us get by working at certain institutions. It will be hard to understand if the word spreads that it would be cancelled. Giving personnel terrible news—like the termination of tuition reimbursement—can be a nightmare and demoralizing. Because they will be directly impacted by such changes, most workers are reluctant to implement them. A lot of pressure is placed on the leadership side as a result of breaking bad news.…..please follow the link below to access entire solution at $5