(Solution) NR531 Week 5: Management… Influence Influence, Power, Conflict


NR 531 Nursing Leadership In Healthcare Organizations

NR531 Week 5: Management of Influence, Power, Conflict, and Decision Making


As the nurse executive at SLMC, you are trying to increase communication and empower decision making among your team members. In the past, it has been difficult for some of the various shift workers to attend scheduled, mandatory meetings that involve Magnet™ designation preparation. Share your specific strategies (examples) for enhancing communication and empowering all members of your team.


Healthcare personnel communicate and make decisions so regularly that many of them aren’t even aware of what they’re doing or how it affects the patients’ health. However, communication inside the healthcare system is always something that can be improved, just like many other things. Because of all the different changes, personalities, and professions present at a company, increasing empowerment and communication may prove to be somewhat more challenging than in other contexts. Simply put, scheduling meetings and making them necessary are insufficient to reach the group working opposing shifts.……….please follow the link below to access entire solution at $5