(Solution) NR531 Week 4: Vision…. Organizational Structure


NR 531 Nursing Leadership In Healthcare Organizations


As the nurse executive, discuss your vision that you would like to implement for the organizational structure at SLMC. Share your rationale. How would you incorporate aspects of the person-centred nursing framework into your vision? Using motivational theory, discuss your strategies, as the nurse executive, for creating a motivating climate and atmosphere that supports a more positive work environment.


Implementing innovation and providing high-quality care fits with my mission to advance care excellence at SLMC as a nurse executive. Setting a vision that values research, design-thinking, and inquiry, as well as evidence-based practice, provides the foundation for integrating new practices and producing high-quality results (Hagle et al., 2020). The establishment and promotion of priorities are consciously related to the institution’s mission as the nurse executive at SLMC. Engaging workers in the institution’s difficulties from their viewpoints and implementing creative solutions may promote learning and provide insightful data. The role of nurses in the implementation of innovation and high-quality care is enhanced when they are given the authority to take part in quality improvement (QI) programs and evidence-based practice (Hagle et al., 2020). For nursing clinical practice, setting long-term objectives, recognizing areas for improvement, and looking for new development possibilities are essential. ……..please follow the link below to access the entire solution at $5