(Solution) NR531 Week 2: Care Delivery Models… Effective Nurse Administrators


NR 531 Nursing Leadership In Healthcare Organizations


You are the nurse administrator at SLMC. Your Human Resources Director informed you that SLMC is having difficulty recruiting registered nurses for your facility. It was decided by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to hire more nursing assistants to assist during this shortage. Discuss the impact this new strategy/model may have on the organization and how an effective leader can assist with implementing this change.


Changes are inescapable for a nursing leader. It is crucial for the nurse leader to clearly define the target objective and inform all stakeholders of the excellent patient outcomes. This involves outlining in detail what will happen when more nursing assistants are added to the care model. In this nursing context, the functional care model would be applied, and the nurse leader may also convey the effects of this change. More nursing assistants will enable more frequent patient rounds, lower nursing assistant patient ratios…..please follow the link below to access the entire solution at $5