(Solution) NR531 Week 1: Organizational Structures – outcomes


NR 531 Nursing Leadership In Healthcare Organizations


Discuss the organizational structure that you, as the nurse administrator for SLMC, believe would be most appropriate. Use a specific organizational theory to support your decision and discuss how this structure may impact the organization’s outcomes.

There is no word count for threaded discussions and there is only one discussion per week. This is different from what you are used to in your core courses. Please see discussion guidelines and rubric below.


A nurse administrator is in a position of authority and, as such, has the ability to shape the attitudes and behavior of those under their charge. The SLMC community would benefit from a common governance structure. As a nurse administrator, I believe a servant leadership model such as this one would be a good match for our organization’s governance (Chanhoo, et al., 2015). Leaders may use the servant leadership style to unite their teams around a common purpose and drive progress toward the organization’s larger objectives. Review of the relevant literature reveals that servant leadership produces an office climate where trust is nurtured, open dialogue is promoted……please follow the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5