[Solution] NR360-Week 7 Discussion: Technology: Benefits and Future Trends

Week 7: Technology: Benefits and Future Trends

What technology do you find most beneficial to use in your work or school setting? Least beneficial? Why do you find this tool useful or not? Then, using your imagination, look to the future and think about how this tool could be enhanced even further. Describe your dream technology, with consideration for patient care and safety.


In the healthcare industry, an increase in telecommunications, computer-mediated communications, and virtual technologies has led to revamping communication and care (Mcgonigle &Mastrain, 2018). The most beneficial technology I find helpful at work is using the Epic system. Since I work in a pediatric setting, I would gather vital signs on a child, perform blood work, and administer vaccines. I appreciate the technological aspect of Epic system because I can be able to document my vital signs on a patient and the provider is able to see the patient’s vital signs as soon as it’s placed in the computer. Also, the Epic system alerts an abnormal range of a vital signs when documented. For instance, if a child’s heart rate or blood pressure is high, a red indicator is displayed before closing the vital sign tab. Bailey (2020) mentions how the use of EMR provides changes in the patient’s condition.  This is so helpful because it allows us to re-assess the patient. ….please click the purchase button to access the entire solution at $5