(Solution) NR 554 Week 8 Discussion: Future Work


How do you envision using concepts and skills learned in this course in your future work as a healthcare-policy nurse leader?


Week 8: Future Work

The AACN (2011) developed the ‘Essentials of Master’s Education’ in order to identify the knowledge and skills that all nurses prepared in master’s nursing programs should acquire. The AACN “recognizes that the masters-prepared nurse is able to intervene at the system level through the policy development process and to employ advocacy strategies to influence health and health care” (2011). I now understand that health policy nurses are not just advocates, but we are leaders, researchers, change agents, lobbyist, and activists. The concepts I learned during this course will impact every aspect of my nursing career and education now and in the future.

Throughout this course, I feel that I have developed a deeper understanding of how healthcare policy nurses use in-depth knowledge of the history, structure, theory, and process of health policymaking in the United States to shape and develop policy changes in the political arena. As I continue to develop strong leadership skills in critical thinking, effective communication, problem solving, and negotiation within my organization I can organize and lead initiatives to identify problems in patient safety and health disparities….please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $10