(Solution) NR 512 Week 6: HealthIT Topic of the Week and Impact on Practice


NR 512 Fundamentals Of Nursing Informatics


What was the HealthIT Topic you selected related to your specialty? Why did you select it? How will this impact your practice?


My research is on the use of information blocks in health care IT. If providers or suppliers (those responsible for the EHR software and data support) purposefully obstruct the secure transfer of patient data, they are guilty of information blocking (Alder-Milstein & Pfeifer, 2017). I decided to write about this issue since it has broad implications for the electronic exchange of patient data amongst medical staff. It’s problematic for the burnout epidemic that’s causing doctors to leave primary care (Alder-Milstein & Pfeifer, 2017).…..please click the button below to purchase the solution at $5