(Solution) NR 500 Week 7 Assignment: Assessment – CEAP Focused Activities


NR 500NP Foundational Concepts And Applications


NR101 Transitions in Nursing NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession

NR110 Pathways to Professional Nursing for Military

Strategies for the Successful Student:

CEAP Assessment and Focused Activities

The CEAP Assessment and follow up Focused Activities are vital to establishing a firm foundation for the success of students at Chamberlain College of Nursing. The purpose of these related assignments is to guide students through these activities during your first nursing course.

Course Outcomes: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

  1. Implement skills for successful scholarship including effective study skills, note taking, active listening, and learning preferences. (POs 5 and 7)
  2. Identify characteristics of professional behavior, including emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution. (POs 3, 5, and 6)
  3. Demonstrate information literacy and the ability to utilize (POs 3, 5, and 8)

Due Date: Refer to Course Calendar for details. Total Points Possible: 200 points Requirements

  • Complete the CEAP Assessment
    • Take your time and answer all questions honestly to get the most accurate assessment with feedback specific to your current needs.
  • Review the CEAP Assessment Report
  • Complete Focused Activities that directly correlate to your

Directions and Assignment Criteria

Assignment CriteriaPoints%Description
Complete CEAP Assessment5025%·          Complete CEAP Assessment

·          Obtain a copy of your report and provide to your faculty.

Complete Focused Activities

(Success Seminars and/or PDF Worksheets)

(30 Points per activity)

15075%·          Complete 5 Focused Activities

·         Activities are found under the SSP Success Seminar Shell/CEAP Activity Tab



Grading Rubric

Assignment CriteriaOutstanding or Highest Level of Performance


A (92–100%)

Very Good or High Level of Performance


B (84–91%)

Competent or Satisfactory Level of Performance C (76–83%)Poor, Failing or Unsatisfactory Level of Performance

F (0–75%)

CEAP·    Complete CEAP Assessment as assigned by course faculty and

·    Provide proof of completion.

50 points

·    Failure to complete CEAP


Assessment or
·    Failure to provide proof
to faculty.
0 Points
Complete (5) Focused Activities Directly Related to CEAP

Assessment Report

·    Based on results of CEAP Report, complete 5 activities that directly relate to results. Complete areas with a red result first, and then move into yellow and green areas.

·    Provide proof of completion in dropbox.

·    30 points per activity

·    150 total

·    Failure to complete focused activities. 0‐124 points

Points will be deducted for each activity not completed.

Total Points Possible = 200 points

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