(Solution) NR 451 Week 4 Discussion: Advocacy and Cultural Competence


NR 451 RN Capstone Course


Go to the link https://www.thinkculturalhealth.hhs.gov/clas/ standards (Links to an external site.).

View the National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services Standards (CLAS) categories aimed at equity and quality care (HHS, n.d.). Notice how these standards overlap with many of the expectations and standards in professional nursing practice!

  • In what ways are you and your peers using these standards in your areas of nursing practice?
  • Discuss one nursing action you might incorporate to improve cultural competence in your


Part 1

My peers and I are used to serving a diversified population. Serving patients from diverse cultures makes us hire interpreters. We have interpreters available on call and are readily available to assist us in serving our patients better. Due to this, our healthcare facility can serve patients who are unable to talk in English. The interpreter facilitates effective communication with the patients. The doctor can understand what the patients are saying, which allows the doctor to choose the best care available for the patients. I am very dedicated when serving patients to ensure I provide the best service to the patient. When giving instructions to the patient, we ensure that we provide them in a language he/she can understand without any struggle. Notably, this allows the patients to understand their input in the treatment process. Establishing effective communication with the patients improves their satisfaction….please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5