[Solution] FIN 564 Course Project: Fifth Third Bank Analysis


This paper is a comprehensive analysis of the financial standing of Fifth Third Bank. In the first part we will review Fifth Third Bank’s profile, mission statement and future direction. Later we will take a look at Fifth Third Bank’s financial statements and review some ratios from the past 5 years. For this paper Fifth Third Bank will be compared to PNC Bank one of their competitors in the Chicago land area. The analysis will conclude with my forecast of Fifth Third Banks future profitability.


Bank Profile

Fifth Third Bank traces its origins to the Bank of Ohio Valley that was opened in 1858.

That bank was then purchases by the Third national Bank and after the turn of the century united with Fifth National Bank and eventually was to be known as Fifth Third National Bank in 1919 later changing officially changing to Fifth Third Bank in 1969. In 1974 Fifth Third Bank formed a bank holding comp-any named Fifth Third Bancorp which allowed them to open offices in surrounding countries. Fifth Third Bank mainly operated in the Midwest in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana in the 1980s, later branching out in the 1990s to Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia and North Carolina.………please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $10