(Solution) BUS 1102 Learning Journal Unit 2 -Happy House Bakeshop


BUS 1102 – Basic Accounting

Attention Students:

There is an excel spreadsheet template located on this Unit’s main page. Download the template and use it to fill in your answers (the journal and general ledger entries).

Using the spreadsheet template provided, complete the journal entries, adjusted journal entries, unadjusted trial balance, adjusted trial balance, and answer the questions. Upon completion of the assignment, you will submit the spreadsheet file in the Learning Journal submission area


Happy House Bakeshop opened for business on October 1, 2018. During the month of October, the following transactions occurred:

October 1: Issued $20,000 of common stock for $20,000 cash.

October 1: Purchased a delivery van for $11,000. Paid $4,000 in cash and borrowed the remainder (long-term) from the bank.

October 3: Purchased baking supplies for $900 on account.

October 5: Paid $1,800 on a one-year insurance policy, effective October 1.

October 12: Billed customers $4,800 for baking services.

October 18: Paid $1,500 of the amount owed on the van.

October 18: Paid $500 of the amount owed on baking services.

October 20: Paid $1,700 for employee salaries.

October 21: Collected $1,200 from customers billed on October 12.

October 25: Billed customers $1,900 for baking services.

October 31: Paid gas and oil for the month on the delivery, $500.

October 31: Paid an $800 dividend.


(a) Earned but unbilled fees at October 31 were $2,500

(b) Depreciation for the month was $500

(c ) One-twelfth of the insurance expired

(d) An inventory count showed $300 of cleaning supplies remaining on October 31

(e) Accrued but unpaid employee salaries were $500

Please complete the following tasks: 

1. Post the October transactions to the general journal.

2. Post the adjusted transactions to the general journal. Display a separate general journal including the adjusted transactions.

3. Post T accounts to the general ledger.

4. Complete the Unadjusted Trial Balance.

5. Complete the Adjusted Trial Balance.

6. Explain your experience with completing the assignment with journal entries and the Trial Balance.

7. Explain what you have learned from Unit 2?


General Journal
Journal #DateAccounts and DescriptionDebitCredit
Common Stock$20,000
Initial investment: Cash received for stock ownership
#210/1/2018Delivery Van – Equipment$11,000
Bank Loan$7,000
Purchase delivery van with cash and bank loan
#310/3/2018Baking Supplies$900
Accounts Payable$900
Purchased supplies on account
#410/5/2018Pre-paid Insurance$1,800

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