(Solution) BUS 1101 Discussion Forum Unit 7 – forces for organizational change


BUS 1101 – Principles of Business Management


In Chapter 7: Organizational Structure and Change, there are several forces for organizational change: workplace demographics, technology, globalization, market conditions, growth, and poor performance. Based on your personal or professional experience, provide an example of when one of these forces caused an organization to change. Why did it cause this change? What was the result? What resistance to the change occurred, if any? How was the resistance (if any) overcome?

Please answer in 150 to 300 words. Use your own words – please do not copy and paste from a website. Be sure to reference your sources. Remember to post as early as possible, preferably by Sunday evening, in order to allow time for you and your classmates to discuss.

Then, engage in a dialogue with your classmates on the above question and any other perspectives you have on the above topics. You are expected to make at least three response posts to the discussion board during the course of the discussion period and rate your classmates’ posts.

Don’t forget to rate your classmates’ postings according to the Rating Guidelines.


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Why did it cause change?

A new manager was hired to give the organization a fresh perspective. There was a lot of problems in one of the departments and the new manager noticed the employees’ poor performance. This caused him to pay close attention to where the problems were and he noticed that people are not being worked in the areas where their strengths were. This caused an “I don’t care” attitude in the employees, which in turn resulted in poor customer service and lack of organizational citizenship. …….please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $5