(Solution) BUS 1101 Discussion Forum Unit 6 – DF6


BUS 1101 – Principles of Business Management


In what ways do goals and objectives help managers control processes within an organization? How do specific and measurable goals affect employee motivation and promote organizational performance? Provide an example from your own experience when a specific goal or objective provided beneficial control over a process. Describe the beneficial control and how it positively influenced organizational performance.

Please answer in 150 to 300 words. Use your own words – please do not copy and paste from a website. Be sure to reference your sources. Remember to post as early as possible, preferably by Sunday evening, in order to allow time for you and your classmates to discuss.

Throughout the week engage in a dialogue with your classmates on the discussion prompt and share perspectives you have on the topic. You are expected to make at least three response posts to the discussion board during the course of the discussion period and rate your classmates’ posts.

Don’t forget to rate the postings of your classmates according to the Rating Guidelines. Review the Discussion Forum rating guidelines to see how your classmates will be rating your post.


In what ways do goals and objectives help managers control various processes within an organization?

Goals and objectives help managers provide a plan and structure. Goals are designed to align objectives so that employees know how to participate. This will help managers to evaluate employee performance and control outcomes. In addition, clearly stated goals and objectives will help managers control and improve performance and align objectives across the organization. (Hayes, 2022).…….please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $5