NR 305 Assignment Week 3: Michael Granger


NR 305 Health Assessment


The purpose of this assignment is for learners to demonstrate completing a cardiovascular assessment on a virtual patient.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcome:

    • CO 1: Demonstrate a head to toe physical (PO 1)
    • CO 2: Differentiate between normal and abnormal health assessment (PO 4)
    • CO 4: Demonstrate effective communication skills during health assessment and (PO 3)
    • CO 5: Identify collaborative opportunities for health promotion, risk reduction, and disease (POs 1, 2)
    • CO 6: Demonstrate professional behavior and caring during patient (POs 6, 7)


  1. Access the Michael Granger Case Assignment in iHuman by clicking on the “Load Assignment in a New Window” button at the bottom of this assignment If prompted, select to load the case in a new browser window.
  • Note: It may take a few moments for iHuman cases to load in your web browser, so please be patient.
  1. Complete the prework questions associated with the
  2. Begin the case and complete these sections: (100 points total, immediate feedback/grade will … to you by iHuman when complete) 
    • EHR Review
    • Health History
    • Physical Assessment
  1. Type your responses to the questions in the Nurse Notes section in the box (50 points, graded by instructor after submission)
  2. Review the score and feedback … by iHuman. You have the option to complete this case a second time before the submission deadline (total of 2 attempts)

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