NR 305 Assignment Week 2: Luciana Gonzalez


NR 305 Health Assessment


  1. Access the Luciana Gonzalez Case Assignment in iHuman by clicking on the “Load Assignment in a New Window” button at the bottom of this assignment page. If …, select to load the case in a new browser window.
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  1. Complete the prework questio…. with the case.
  2. Begin the case and complete these sections: (100 points total, immediate feedback/grade will … to you by iHuman when complete)
    • EHR Review
    • Health History
    • Physical Assessment
  1. Type your responses to the questions in the Nurse Notes section in the box … (50 points, graded by instructor after submission).
  2. Review the score and feedback provided by iHuman. You have the option to complete this case a second time before the submission deadline (total of 2 attempts) to improve your score. Your highest score…..


Comprehensive patient assessment allows caregivers to understand surface and deeper medical issues affecting a client. Nurses can investigate a patient’s wellness level by inspecting the eyes, ears, nose, and throat (ENT), not forgetting the skin coloration, possible lesions, rashes, and other bruises on the skin surface (Giddens, 2021). The inspection also extends to sound and body odors. At other times, nurses can use auscultation, palpation, or percussion in their assessment. Thus, conducting a wellness assessment may involve multiple assessment techniques.

Assessing the 32 years old female patient will require a detailed understanding of their external, internal, and behavioral practices that affect their wellness level. The first primary concern is the skin condition because changes in skin coloration, texture, and lacerations might indicate an issue requiring further analysis (Giddens, 2021). The second main concern is the patient’s neurological functions since a disruption or blockage of signal transmitters may cause impairments in other bodily functions. …..please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $10