NR 222 Week 2 Assignment: Chamberlain College


NR 222 Health And Wellness

Week 2 Assignment: Nurse’s Touch: Wellness & Self-Care: Wellness, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention


  • Computer with internet access
  • Access to ATI
  • Recommend using Firefox browser and clearing your cookies and cache if you are accessing ATI on laptop or desktop computer


Log into your ATI Account and Select the “Learn” tab. Click on “Nurse’s Touch: Wellness and Self Care” and complete the assigned activity (50 points per assignment).

  • Unit 1: Nurse’s Touch: Wellness & Self-Care: Wellness, Health Promotion, And Disease Prevention
  • Unit 5: Nurse’s Touch: Wellness & Self Care: Self Care & Physical Activity
  • Unit 6: Nurse’s Touch: Wellness & Self Care: Rest & Sleep
  • UNIT 7: Nurse’s Touch: Wellness & Self Care – Stress: Cause, Effects and Management


After learning about wellness and self-care through the ATI modules, it helped refresh my knowledge on essential elements in life to be mindful of when trying to maintain overall good health. Having good self-care has to do with various things that a person would need to be attentive to. The ATI modules explained the significance of some physical and mental needs that an individual would have to address to achieve good wellness. Three clinical points mentioned that can be used in practice are having the correct amount of sleep, physical activity, and knowledge on prevention.

When an individual does not get enough sleep, it affects their ability to think correctly. Some research has shown that lack of sleep leaves people vulnerable to reduced cognition, attention lapses, mood shifts, and delayed reactions (, 2020). When an individual has reduced cognition and mood shifts, they cannot do basic duties correctly.……please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10