(Answered) PSYC 110N Assignment Week 2: How We Perceive the World Around Us


Vision is a vital sense process of a human being. Therefore, the underlying fundamental processes of vision are sensation and Perception. According to Feldman (2020), sensation activates the sense organs by a source of physical energy. In contrast, Perception is the sorting out, interpretation, analysis, and integration of stimuli carried out by the sense organs and brain. In other words, it is through sight/observation; one can assess, analyze, comprehend, or interpret an object. Thereby the rays from an object transmit through the pupil, lens of eyes and project a laterally inverted image on the retina, then transmitted to the brain through the optical nerves.

Hence, it is why the eye is the window of the soul (2020).

Furthermore, other senses used during these process includes sound, smell and touch. Firstly, the activity started with me sitting down while using the sense of touch to perceive the objects to ensure the navigation process was safe and items founded walk around are analyzed and correctly perceived using the sense of touch. As started by Feldmen (2020), the surrounding utilized was calm and quiet with fewer distractions. Usually, our senses cannot detect stimulation quite as well because of the presence of noise. As defined by psychophysicists, noise is background stimulation that interferes with the perception of other stimuli as started(Feldman 2020). Besides, I safely stand up from the sofa move around by touching, avoiding hitting anything or getting hurt.……please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $10