(Answered) NURS 6501 Week 11 Knowledge Check: Module 8


NURS 6501 Advanced Pathophysiology

  1. Question: The urine of a neonate is more dilute than adult urine because blood flow preferentially goes to nephons with short loops.
  2. Question: Which of the following characteristics of Impetigo is FALSE?       
  3. Question: Redness and tenderness of skin that becomes widespread, followed by painful blisters, bullae, and sloughing of skin describes which of the following conditions?
  4. Question: An infant with a congenital defect involving a hole in the septum between the two lower chambers of the heart has a .
  5. Question: An adolescent that uses anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass is at risk for developing which type of cancer?
  6. Question: Cerebral palsy involves what type of defects?       
  7. Question: A tetrology of flow will cause what type of blood shunting?       
  8. Question: What medication should a child with G6PD deficiency avoid because it can trigger a hemorrhage?
  9. Question: What is the function of G6P4?
  10. Question: Children with Down’s Syndrome has an increased risk of developing which type of cancer?   
  11. Question: A ventricular septal defect will cause what type of blood shunting?       
  12. Question: Children who have atopic dermatitis often have elevated levels of .    
  13. Question: Infants that have seizures typically have what types of symptoms due to the normal development of the nervous system?
  14. Question: The development of Kawasaki disease in young children is caused by:       vasculitis of unknown cause
  15. Question: Children who have inherited deficiencies of antithrombin III or proteins C or S have increased risk for  
  16. Question: Pruritic linear lesions that itch more at night that may have more vesicles and papules describes which of the following conditions?
  17. Question: Which of the following about Roseaola is FALSE?       is also known as exanthema subitum
  18. Question: Marasmus is a severe deficiency of what?      
  19. Question: Which of the following is true of people that have sickle cell anemia?
  20. Question: Rotavirus is the leading cause of what symptom in infants and young children?


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