(Answered) NURS 6501 Module 2 Knowledge Check; Week 3


NURS 6501 Advanced Pathophysiology

  1. Question: Clinical manifestations of bronchiolitis include:
  2. Question: How much oxygen does the myocardium extract from the coronary arteries?
  3. Question: Inflammatory mediators released during an acute asthma episode cause:
  4. Question: Parasympathetic nerves to the heart releases what the neurotransmitter?
  5. Question: As a person ages, what type of changes occur in the myocardium and arterial walls?
  6. Question: Nor epinephrine action on a1-adrenergic receptors causes .
  7. Question: Sympathetic nerves to the heart releases what the neurotransmitter?
  8. Question: Inflammation of the membranous sac that surrounds the heart is a description of which condition?
  9. Question: Acute rheumatic fever is a complication of a:
  10. Question: A person who has pulmonary edema will exhibit which symptoms?
  11. Question: A patient that is hyperventilating will have a decreased:
  12. Question: Binding of ATP to myosin that enables myocardial contraction requires which electrolyte?
  13. Question: The right side of the heart is a high-pressure system
  14. Question: Passage of fluid and/or solid particles into the lungs is a(n):
  15. Question: The V/Q ratio of a normal upright lunch is 0.8, this indicates that ventilation is

  than perfusion.

  1. Question: Stimulation of the carina often causes:
  2. Question: The most effective way to measure the adequacy of alveolar ventilation is to measure:
  3. Question: Collapse of alveoli is a(n):
  4. Question: Ischemic pain in the lower extremities that occurs while walking but disappears when resting is a description of which condition?
  5. Question: The presence of pus in the pleural


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