(Answered) NURS 6052 Week 2 Discussion: Essentials of Evidence Based Practice


Levels of Evidence Pyramid

The pyramid is so shaped to represent the amount of and quality of the evidence one can expect at each level, with the top, starting with systematic reviews, representing the highest level of evidence but the least amount of information. As you go down the pyramid, the amount of evidence increase but the quality decreases (Walden, n.d.).

Filtered Resources Search

The topic I chose for this discussion deals with amputees and their views on prosthetic usage. The requirements state that we were to find three filtered resources which are resources that “appraise the quality of studies and often make recommendations for practice” (Walden, 2012).

For the first level of the evidence pyramid, systematic reviews, I searched the Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database with the terms amputees and prosthetics, only turning up 1 result. I then searched simply amputations and turned up three results. I changed my search terms to traumatic amputations and got one result, but it did apply to my topic. I chose an article called “The Effectiveness of Collaborative Models of Care That Facilitate Rehabilitation From a Traumatic Injury: A Systematic Review”, authored by Kornhaber, et al.

The second level of the pyramid, critically-appraised topics, was searched in Guideline Central using the search term amputation and turned up two results. Both of the articles were…..please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5