(Answered) NRNP 6645 Week 3: Foundations of Group Work and Types of Therapy

Week 3: Foundations of Group Work and Types of Therapy

Group therapies refer to a form of treatment where people sharing a common problem are placed in a group and, through the guidance of a therapist, talk and face their problems to help them change. It helps individuals enhance their social functioning through group experiences and cope more effectively with problems at hand (Ezhumalai et al., 2018). Group therapies are characterized by effective communication, a sense of belonging, and building trust. The essay below assesses the successful techniques used in an identified group therapy.

Group Techniques demonstrated

Group therapy techniques identified in this group include effective communication, active listening, giving people the chance to actively open up without forcing them, accepting people without judging them, and building trust in the group. These techniques are well demonstrated throughout the session. Jimmy, one of the group members, tries to share his story with the others. At first, he is quite hesitant and uncomfortable. The therapist assures him by asking him to continue. Other members seem to give him more attention. Jimmy takes time to share his story, and he even begins sobbing. The members allow him to take his time. One member, Jackson, reassures him it was brave of him to share such a deep part of himself. The other members also share their bad past to reassure Jimmy that they, too, have done bad things in their past.

Another technique displayed by the therapist is ensuring the members stay on track. For instance, she asks Jimmy what he is afraid of if he shares information with his group, but Jimmy strays and does not answer the question. The therapist insists that Jimmy answers the question. It is evident that the group is built of trust; Jimmy feels he can trust it. ………Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $19