(Answered) NR722 Week 5 Teaching Philosophy


NR722 ENTIRE COURSE WEEK 1-8; 100% Complete 


Review the Week 4 discussion in which you began your work on developing a teaching philosophy. From the feedback received from colleagues and faculty, finalize a robust teaching philosophy that encompasses your overall philosophy for teaching and learning.

Include the following in your paper:

  1. Theoretical underpinnings of a personal educational philosophy for the role of the teacher and the role of the student
    1. Describe how theoretical underpinnings of adult learning principles and student-centered learning frame your teaching practice.
  2. Teaching and learning strategies and how these relate to the teaching philosophy
    1. Define the principles that guide teaching innovation and ways you connect with students.
  3. The overall expected and desired outcome(s)
    1. How do you help students achieve their learning goals?
  4. Commitment to life-long learning and professional development
    1. What is your commitment to teaching and remaining relevant in the face of continual change?
  5. References
    1. Support your assertions as needed with evidence.
    2. Ensure each reference has a matching citation.

Review the rubric for the grading criteria.

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