(Answered) NR722 Week 4 The Nurse Educator as Leader, Change Agent, and Facilitator of Learning


NR722 ENTIRE COURSE WEEK 1-8; 100% Complete 


Review this week’s lesson and readings. With the guidance of the Yeom, Miller, and Delp (2018) article on developing a teaching philosophy, address the following:

  1. Introduction
    1. Detail your values and how these align with the organization.
    2. Explain your beliefs about students and teaching and learning.
  2. Main Body
    1. Describe the scientific underpinnings that frame your teaching philosophy.
    2. Determine how you will know you have been successful.
  3. Conclusion
    1. Describe your commitment to life-long learning and self-improvement.


Detail Your Values and How These Align With the Organization

My core understanding of teaching is built on five basic values: dignity, fairness, truthfulness, responsibility, and freedom. My teaching values are founded on ethical principles, which can easily align with the principles of every organization committed to ethical success where I find myself. Whether it is a teacher-student relationship, pluralism, or a teacher’s relationship with their work, my values represent my desire to take responsibility in discharging my duties as a teacher in all honesty, integrity, and fairness (Erfe et al., 2020). My value of dignity implies my respect for humanity with which I relate to everyone I come across, irrespective of gender, appearance, age, religion, social standing, origin, opinions, abilities, sexual orientation, gender diversity, and achievements. My core value of truthfulness implies my dedication to my task with integrity in conducting my basic task: to steer my learners with honesty and truthfulness as they navigate their life and their environment. One basic aspect of my work as a teacher in my organization is truthfulness with myself and others, as well as exhibiting mutual respect in all communication. My value of fairness implies my disposition in my interactions with individual learners and groups and also in the organization.………..please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $15