(Answered) NR706 Week 7: Discussion – Simulation Experiences


NR706 – Healthcare Informatics & Information Systems, Online DNP Program Faculty


Reflect on the value of simulation to engage and to promote skill acquisition in your work environment whether in academia or the healthcare setting. Address the following in your initial post:

  1. Evaluate the benefits of the integration of simulation in nursing education or clinical practice to improve nursing skill sets.
  2. Analyze your work environment for knowledge gaps where the use of simulation would be a viable option to improve competencies. Justify the type of simulation selected, elaborating on your vision of implementation and evaluation plans for the simulation experience.


The integration of simulation in nursing education and clinical practice has numerous benefits that can enhance nursing skill sets. Simulations offer a safe environment for nursing students and practicing nurses to learn and practice skills without risking patient safety. They provide an opportunity to practice complex procedures repeatedly until mastery is achieved, allowing for the development of muscle memory and confidence in performance. Simulation also offers the opportunity to practice rare or high-risk procedures that may not be commonly encountered in clinical settings. In addition, simulation scenarios can be tailored to specific learning objectives, allowing for focused training on particular skills………please click the icon below to purchase full answer at $10