[Answered] NR599 Week 6 Midweek Comprehension Questions -telecommunications


NR 599 Nursing Informatics For Advanced Practice


As mentioned in this lesson, numerous telecommunications-ready tools are already available to assist nurses in delivering care and improving patients’ health outcomes. New and innovative tools are rapidly making it to the marketplace, making current tools dated and sometimes obsolete. Continue to reflect upon the point-of-care tools you may be familiar with using in your role as a Registered Nurse and how your responsibilities will change with your future role as an APN. How will you stay current? Provide a brief response (100 words or less)


I am used to utilizing a variety of point-of-care instruments in my capacity as a registered nurse. For instance, a variety of tools are readily accessible to assist in including my patients in their health. Applications for patient portals enable patients to do a variety of tasks, including viewing tests and records, scheduling appointments, and offering patient communication and education services….please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $5