[Answered] NR599 Week 4 Midweek Comprehension Questions -APNs


NR 599 Nursing Informatics For Advanced Practice


Information literacy is critically important for all nurses, especially APNs. APNs must be able to determine what information is needed, find the information, critique the information, provide care based on this information, and evaluate the outcomes of the process. Sound challenging? Continue to reflect upon strategies to facilitate this process. Provide a brief response (100 words or less)


One of the strategies I want to use is doing a thorough but brief examination of the patient from head to toe in order to zero in on the source of their primary complaint and formulate a treatment strategy. To this end, I plan to make use of a form or download an app that will allow me to do the evaluation and record my findings in a timely manner.……please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $2