(Answered) NR505NP Week 5: Reflection on Learning


NR505NP Advanced Research Methods: Evidence-Based

Preparing the Assignment

Reflection: Write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on your learning for the week. Guiding questions are provided or you may write about what you felt was most significant to you for the week.

Think about the following question related to your review of the literature associated with your PICOT question. You will be revisiting some of these topics in your week 7 presentation.

  1. Was it difficult to find evidence related to your selected area of interest?
  2. What types of evidence were easiest to find (quantitative, qualitative, reviews, practice guidelines)?
  3. How did you find the overall quality of the available evidence?
  4. In looking at the available evidence, did you see any gaps in the evidence? What additional research on the topic would you like to see conducted?
  5. Based on what you found, does the literature support a practice change?

Important Note: There is no requirement to respond to your classmates in the Reflection on Learning discussion board.


  1. Finding studies that addressed telepsychiatry’s potential to shorten wait times in the ED was a challenge. Neither boarding time nor patient variables that led to boarding time were addressed in the many papers discussing the use of telepsychiatry in the ED.
  1. Both qualitative and quantitative sources were readily available. There were also several analyses of previously published research. There were no clinical practice recommendations that I could locate that were specifically relevant to my field of study.………please click the icon below to access entire answer at $5