(Answered) NR505NP Week 2: Collaboration Cafe


NR505NP Advanced Research Methods: Evidence-Based


The focus for Week 2 is the development of a PICOT question. Please view this short video on how to develop your PICOT question:


  • Remember- PICOT should focus on something you as an NP can implement and should focus on measurable health outcomes. Full-practice authority, burnout, satisfaction surveys, and anything that would require a policy or law change should not be used. Please view short video above to get a clearer understanding of requirements.
  • Using the area of interest identified in the Week 1 discussion, address the following:
    • Draft a PICOT question using the standard quantitative PICOT format.
    • Identify your practice question, being sure to include the following information and describe each part of the PICOT question in detail:
      • Population
      • Intervention
      • Comparison
      • Outcome
      • Time

In ________(Population) what is the effect of ___________(Intervention) in comparison to ___________ (Comparison) on _____________ (Outcome) to be completed over __________ (Time).

Review the PICOT questions of two of your peers. Provide substantive feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Hello Dr and class,

Here is the revised phrasing of my PICO question that Dr Wilson helped me tweak last week:

In school aged children 12-18 years of age, how does a school-based mental health focused anticipatory guidance program versus no program affect the number of children who self-disclose a perceived need for mental health treatment in six months?

-Population:  school aged children 12-18 years of age………please click the icon below to access entire answer at $5