[Answered] NR 601 Week 1: Clinical Goals


Please respond to this required discussion by including the following:

  • Weekly schedule for clinical.
  • Using your clinical competency checklist to guide you, please share your clinical goals for the week.
  • Do you anticipate barriers or opportunities specific to your clinical site and/or preceptor?


Professor and Class,

My schedule for clinical in week 1 is Thursday and Friday from 0800-1700 on both days. Hereafter I plan to be attending clinical at least three days during the week. Two goals that I have for this week are to perform a well-child toddler exam and a well-child school-age exam. Based on my previous experiences in clinical, I was concerned about seeing the number and variety of patients that I need to see in order to gain the experience needed, specifically with pediatric patients, as many parents choose to see a pediatrician for their children ….please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $4