[Answered] NR 601 Assignment Week 4 Clinical VISE


The VISE assignment (Virtual Interactive Student Evaluation) is to evaluate student progress in clinical, based on per course clinical objectives. This will be a mid- term check to identify and assist students who may be struggling with clinical critical thinking and communication. Students who do not pass the VISE on the first attempt will be placed on a clinical PIP and given a second attempt at passing the VISE prior to course end. The student must successfully pass the VISE to pass clinical within a course.

Directions: These will be done by phone between the VP and the student sometime between the beginning of week 3 and the end of week 5. Immediately following the VISE the VP and student will do the mid-term phone call check in and review of clinical. VPs should have clinical logs pulled up to review with the student.

511 – SNAPPS – This virtual check is similar to the SNAPPS assignment in class and builds upon it. Students are required to provide SNAPPS summary of one patient who was seen and logged in the logging system that week in clinical.


Identify the Chief Complaint (CC) and then present only the pertinent facts from the HPI, ROS, PMH, Medications, FH, SH, and Physical Exam.

Narrow the Differential Diagnosis

Offer 3 possible diagnoses using appropriate medical terms. Analyze

Rank your diagnoses based on the information that you present to support or refutes each one. This is how you demonstrate your knowledge and your analytical skills.

Probe the Preceptor/Instructor

At any time during the presentation, identify your gaps, points of confusion, or dilemmas by asking questions to tap into the preceptor’s knowledge base.

Plan Management

Propose a diagnostic plan to narrow the differential or confirm the diagnosis. Propose a therapeutic plan to manage the problem. Preceptors/instructors will give you feedback on what was done well and what could have been done better.

Self-Directed Learning

Think about your performance. What knowledge would have helped you do a better job in evaluating this patient?

At the time of your scheduled call, your instructor will choose a patient from your clinical log. You will “present” this patient to your instructor following the above format.

Remember, this is an exercise to help you become more competent at orally presenting patients to preceptors in the office. Focus on the delivery of the information. You are not being graded on the accuracy of your actual treatment plan. We do need to see though, that you have some ideas, suggestions, or even questions that you can ask to help you get to the right treatment…..please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $15