(Answered) NR 565 Week 1 Introduction Discussion


NR-565: Advanced Pharmacology Fundamentals

Share with the class the name of your disease process assigned to you by your faculty this week. Tell us if this is a disease that you have encountered in caring for patients in your own nursing practice. Feel free to share a practice exemplar.  If this is a completely new disease that you will learn about, tell us if it relates to your nursing practice in terms of the populations for which you care.


Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Class,

I have not encountered any patients with pancreatic cancer in my nursing practice at this point. I currently work as a nurse care manager for Centers Plan, a Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC). In order for a patient to be eligible for MLTC services, they will require some sort of home care services; therefore, my patients either suffer from a chronic or terminal illness. With that being said, there is a chance that I will encounter a patient with pancreatic cancer in my future practice.……..please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $4