(Answered) NR 552 Discussion Week 5: Funding for Global Health


NR 552 Economics Of Healthcare Policy


In a time when the United States struggles with balancing the budget, would you advocate for spending United States dollars for global health assistance to support developing countries? Describe the social, political, or economic implications associated with your answer.


Since the great depression, the United States has been facing the toughest economic and budgetary challenges (Garrett, 2009). The challenges pose the greatest problem of balancing the budget. Despite this, it cannot afford to reduce or eliminate its global financial assistance especially on health (Garrett, 2009). This is because the assistance has potential impacts on political influence, global stability, humanitarian concern, and national security (Garrett, 2009). The U.S has been one of the most influential financial donors. The U.S should continue providing global health assistance to poor countries. This comes with several social, political and economic implications as discussed in the next paragraphs.

Poor countries face serious health concerns such as HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases. Due to low income, foreign assistance becomes an integral part in combating these diseases (Addison et al., 2015). Continued assistance would improve the situation leading to reduced mortality rates and human suffering thus, improving social conditions (Addison et al., 2015). It has been the value of the American citizens to assists the suffering and to protect human dignity. Also, global health is significant to the U.S security and the global security at large.

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