(Answered) NR 552 Discussion Week 4: Medicare Medicaid Payment


NR 552 Economics Of Healthcare Policy


Do you believe there is a culture of academic integrity in your nursing program? What evidence do you have that supports this notion, or disputes it? How can you promote academic integrity within yourself, and your classmates?


There is an air of academic integrity incorporated in our nursing program. I’ve been in this program for over a year now and throughout this year, I have seen multiple revisions to the Turnitin program as well as the implementation of the LockDown browser that is required to be accessed at the beginning of each course. Huston mention “Cheating is a concern in any academic discipline. It is of particular concern to nursing educators because nurses hold the well-being and health of their patients in their hands. Lapses of integrity can have grave consequences for patients” (Huston, pg. 267). Since cheating is an issue in any major’s journey, it becomes rather important when there is a patient involved. The two systems that were mentioned in this post were enacted to reduce the risk of plagiarism in these online nursing courses and the repercussions of cheating have become more stringent.….please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5