[ANSWERED] NR 533 Week 6 Discussion: Business Plan Development


NR 533 Financial Management In Healthcare Organizations

Week 6 Discussion: Business Plan Development: SWOT analysis

For any new project or revision of a current process, key questions that will need to … are whether it is … , does the institution have the capacity to support it, whatis already in place that will facilitate implementation, and what are the downsides or barriers to development. In short, the SWOT analysis is a necessary component of planning a project and preparing the business plan. Critically examine your PICO(T) and project proposal through the lens of a SWOT analysis of your organization. Determine and describe what information you know and 0what you need to find out to complete a SWOT analysis that will provide rationale and validity for your project.


Performing a SWOT analysis is a creative move to evaluate your organizations position within the healthcare industry that identify is strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats Analysis will assist in development of strategies to marginal threats, enhance strengths, and provide guideline for potential solutions while optimizing opportunities. This can be helpful in the budgeting propose, staffing necessities, as well as, other strategic plans or evaluating a project proposal SWOT analysis is a useful tools to evaluate things that may impede or progress a research project. The factors can be more defined with greater specificity related to the actual project. It can be beneficial in determining whether a problem is important and reasonable to address in a business plan. The data will come from multiple sources. However establishing your objective will determine the source of where you obtain the data.….please click the purchase button below to access the entire answer at $5