[ANSWERED] NR 533 Week 3: Financial and Budgeting Principles


NR 533 Financial Management In Healthcare Organizations


This week’s readings contained a great deal of information on financial and budgeting principles. Some of you may have had some familiarity with the concepts and maybe even experience in working with them. However, there is always something new to learn. Describe your prior experiences with financial and budgeting principles, whether personally or professionally. Include your current involvement in budgeting at your institution.


What pre-conceived notions related to healthcare financial and budgeting principles did you hold before this week that you understand better now or for which you have a different perspective? Reflect on at least two specific concepts.  How have these new revelations influenced your thinking related to access, availability, and quality of healthcare?


  • How has your enhanced knowing affected the way you view your proposed project?
  • What areas of additional financial or budgeting data gathering have you identified as a need for your plan



I don’t control the budget or any of the financials in my present role. In my previous management role, I was responsible for ensuring that employees adhered to work hours and that supplies were not ordered in excess of a specific cash amount or tier of things. I wouldn’t micromanage, but if a staff member needed help, I’d look over their work week before summoning a per-diem nurse. I’d want to provide additional ideas and learn more about budgeting and management.


In today’s healthcare sector, I can see firsthand how difficult it is for my institution to remain productive. Controlling cost is extremely tough, especially when it comes to delivering high-quality care to patients with staging difficulties. I used to receive a lot of pushback from employees who believed that more people were required to deliver safe and effective care.…..please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5